Gifts That Keep On Giving

Leaving a portion of your estate to advancing the work of the gospel around the world is a tradition that stretches back to the beginning of the “modern missionary movement”.

The very founding of our nation of New Zealand was dependant on the generosity of donors who gave sacrificially to maintain the positive missionary influence here. Significant bequests later ensured the stability of the work and saw Evangelical Christianity established in Aotearoa.

Today Kiwis still punch above their weight on the global missions scene. Tomorrow we will still have a crucial role to play in God’s kingdom expansion. But the love of God isn’t easily shared apart from the resources of God’s people.

By and large, the adult generation of today’s Western world is the wealthiest that has ever lived in all of history. While there are many demands on our resources while we are alive, those demands cease when we leave this mortal coil and we want for nothing but our faith.

It is a wise person who ensures their material posessions are distributed according to their desires rather than the desires of someone else. It is a faithful person who desires at least a portion of their material wealth be used for the advancement of God’s kingdom – and the gift you invest in mission work after you leave this side of eternity can have eternal repercussions beyond imagining!

Our Recommendation

If you share our passion for reaching those who have little knowledge of God, we suggest you ask your lawyer to set aside a percentage of your final estate as a gift to us. What percentage you choose is up to you. We do encourage you to first consider the needs of your own whanau/family though – they must take priority.

To enure we receive your contribution here are some tips.

  • Ensure you record our name correctly: Pioneers New Zealand Charitable Trust
  • Add our postal address: PO Box 13-934, Onehunga, Auckland 1643, New Zealand
  • Note our Charities Commission number: CC25735

You’re free to specify how you would like your bequest to be used by us but please bear in mind that specific ministries, projects or activities may change over time. While every effort will be made to ensure your intentions are honoured, the Board does have the authority to redirect funds should it be deemed necessary.

A helpful practice is to state that your “bequest be used for enduring purposes“. That way your gift will be invested with our reserve capital assets and the ongoing income used for operational income and special project expenses as needed.

If you require any further information:

contact us!