Our Story

Pioneers In New Zealand

Heritage and Inheritance

Pioneers in New Zealand is the result of a brave decision by the leaders of three much older mission organisations to amalgamate and create a dynamic new mission service provider in New Zealand under the guidance of Pioneers in the USA.

Pioneers was first registered in New Zealand in 1998 and has since grown rapidly. With their main aims achieved, Asia Pacific Christian Mission, South Seas Evangelical Mission, and Sudan United Mission dissolved their NZ operations and poured their resources into the newly formed Pioneers NZ.

With the wealth of well over 100 years’ mission experience behind it, Pioneers NZ set about to establish its brand afresh on the NZ missions scene and open the gates to a whole new world of creative mission opportunities with Pioneers teams around the globe, serving¬†amongst those with least access to the gospel.

Decade of Growth

Jay Wood took the helm of Pioneers NZ in September 2000. With a starting number of 9 total field workers, Pioneers experienced net growth of field workers at 20% per year on average over that decade. Remarkably this growth has been sustained with a relatively small but very dedicated and efficient NZ based team.

Future Aims

We recognise that every mission organisation exists for a reason and a season. We are the result of some organisations coming to the conclusion that their reason is fulfilled and their season is complete. So we aren’t interested in competing with other organisations. On the contrary we’re part of a group leading the way in collaborating with other organisations in NZ.

However, we do have attractive values and distinctives and we are passionate about being able to facilitate large numbers of Kiwis into effective cross-cultural ministry.

Maybe we can do that for you? Get in touch with us and let’s find out!

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