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Let’s Walk The Path Together

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed…”
(Ecclesiastes 4:9 NLT)

If you have a passion for doing something different to the status quo it can be a bit lonely. If you have a passion for doing something cross-cultural it can be even more so! You need to know you’re not alone. There are many like-minded people you can connect with – you might just need an introduction!

We specialise in helping Kiwi Christians to fulfill their desire to make Jesus known in cross-cultural settings. We know it’s not an easy road but we’ve walked it with many before you and have learnt a thing or two along the way.

If you’re looking for a supportive fellowship that you can lean on as you move ahead, take a look through this site then let’s discuss the possibilities…

Why Bother Partnering At All?

  1. To assist with your pre-field development
  2. To connect you with field opportunities
  3. To provide logistical support (here & there)
  4. To help raise your wider support team
  5. To create resources to help with sponsorship raising (fundraising support)
  6. To include you in their prayer network
  7. To supply you with care resources
  8. To support you on the field
  9. To give assistance in times of crises
  10. To debrief and offer re-entry advice


Before You Choose

One of the most under-estimated aspects of mission service is the relationship between an individual/couple and the organisation they’re partnering with in their cross-cultural ministry.

Often people hear about an organisation through a friend or relative and start tracking with that organisation through their literature etc. As a ‘call’ to mission grows it seems an obvious point of connection because of its familiarity. We call that “getting stuck on the fly paper”. It has traditionally been an effective recruiting method. But in some cases it has also been a disastrous cause of attrition (leaving the mission field).

We encourage you to thoroughly investigate your options before deciding which missions community to become a part of. Otherwise you could find yourself “unequally yoked” and potentially frustrated by incompatible values, vision, ethos and structural constraints.

We’re NOT suggesting you play two or three organisations off against one another, but we ARE encouraging you to fully assess whether the organisation you’re tracking with will help you best achieve what God is calling you to do in the way you’d prefer to do it – especially if that organisation is Pioneers.