Membership Process

It can be a bit disconcerting getting in touch with a mission organisation. Very few people know what to expect. Well, we’re keen to de-mystify things and if you’re interested in contacting us about longer term field service the flow diagram below may help.

What’s Involved In Joining Up?

This process is designed to help us help you succeed in cross-cultural service. It’s important that you know it’s not an “assessment” of you as a person. It is not a pass/fail exercise. It is an information gathering activity to help us know what your preferences are, what others think about your aptitudes and attitudes, how you’ll probably cope in different situations and where you’re likely to thrive best within Pioneers.

It is also an opportunity for each of us to get to know each other – to develop our relationship. At any stage during this process you could pause or even quit it. It flows at your pace, not ours; although often speed is dictated by how quickly we get information back. The order in which some of the application phase is done can vary depending on your circumstances.

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If you’d like information about any part of this process, or starting one, drop us a line – no obligations!


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