What We Do

As a ‘mission service provider’ we do many things, but our aim is to only do that which enhances cross-cultural ministry.

We Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

  • We have one objective: to make disciples in all nations.
  • We have one method: taking people from all nations to all nations to make disciples.
  • We have one desire: to help our people become as fruitful as possible.

We Work Here And There

We have two main ministry arenas – back here and out there. Check them out…

Sometimes it’s helpful to know a bit about the mechanics of operating a ‘mobilisation base’. It can help you understand our services a bit better and build confidence in us as a mission partner…


What do we have to offer really?

What are the timeframes?

We’ve put a bit more information about our service opportunities here…



We Have Minimal Infrastructure

Less Is More

There’s little point in us uploading a database of Situations Vacant in the organisation. We have over 2,500 members doing all manner of activities as means to engaging people with the gospel – but they weren’t doing it within a carefully constructed infrastructure. If you want that kind of structure we suggest you look elsewhere.

We’re not partial to developing institutional machines that require a constant flow of human resource to prop up ad infinitum. Rather, we’re about meeting the needs of the moment for the moment according to the unique requirements of the context – that’s where our core value of innovation and flexibility kicks in.

We Maximize What’s In Your Hand

Just Do It

We know it’s difficult to try to imagine what happens on the mission field without experiencing it first hand, let alone trying to imagine yourself there doing it! Whatever would you do? How would you survive? Where would you start?

We think Moses had the same dilemma when God laid out the call for him. Faced with the overwhelming challenge he started offering up excuses and God stopped him in his tracks by asking, “What is that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2) While the results may not appear as supernatural as a staff turning into a snake, God still uses our skills, talents, gifts and tools of trade to advance His kingdom purposes.

So what do we do?

We help you do whatever it is you do best – for God’s glory amongst people who don’t know Him.

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