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Is what we do at Pioneers NZ an art or a science? Perhaps it’s both. It’s something of a complex mix of not-for-profit business and behavioural science. Here’s how our operational paradigm looks in diagramatic form…

Our Operational Paradigm

We don’t need to go into too many details here but in case you’re mildly interested…


Where Worship is Due

This is our first priority – to live our lives in worship of God above all things. This calls our team to live somewhat sacrificially at times but nothing compared to what most of our Kiwis ‘out there’ have to deal with. Nothing glorifies God more than being worshipped among people who previously didn’t know him. It’s for this reason Pioneers exists.


The Money Go-Round

We run the NZ office pretty lean. We do require a contribution from the sponsorships that come in for our members (usually 15% p/a) but that only covers a portion of our operational costs. We are blessed with resources largely generated by the legacies of those who have gone before but reserves don’t last forever. So we continue to rely on God as our provider – and the generosity of Christians responding to His prompting to contribute to our resource pool.


Many Are Called

“How can they hear… unless they are sent?” (Rom 10:14-15) This is where we intersect with you. We recruit Kiwis called to cross-cultural ministry, in partnership with their sending church. That takes some effort because (as stated elsewhere) it’s all about building relationships and relationships take time and energy – on both sides. We like to lubricate that with good hospitality and open communication so a good chunk of our operations are directed toward making that possible.


Help Comes From

Your ultimate help comes from the Lord, but once you’re in membership and have joined a field team your relationship with us in NZ doesn’t end there. Your primary connection does shift to the team but we’re here for you. Our role is to help you remain as effective as possible on the field. Whether it be managing donations on your behalf, providing top notch discounted insurance, reserving emergency funds, mediating inter-cultural and inter-personal conflict, or debriefing and providing quality counselling services if required, we aim to do what we can to ensure you have what you need to go the distance.