Out There

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Ministry Focus

Why There?

There is much more to mission service than hopping on a plane and going “overseas”. It’s about taking the gospel across cultural barriers, but you can do that in many neighbourhoods in any major city of New Zealand without the expense of relocating. Pioneers on the other hand is concerned about people BEYOND the reach of most Christians and churches. Everybody in New Zealand is within reach of the gospel to some degree. Sure, there are pockets of people not being reached here, but that’s not because there aren’t the resources – there just isn’t the will.

Pioneers is most concerned with working where gospel resources are LEAST available – and that requires going. Bridging a cultural gap. It takes commitment, a good deal of technical knowledge, a genuine compassion for the lost, and a humility that is willing to rely on the support of others so you can accomplish the task to which God has called you.

Lengths Of Service

The Long and Short

The days of referring to mission service as “Short Term” or “Long Term” are seriously numbered. We’re living in an age where many people are highly mobile and globally so. The old paradigms of three years ‘out’ and one year ‘home’ are increasingly irrelevant. Those committed to old ways of doing things get upset by what they perceive to be the short term mentality of the emerging mission force, but it’s not necessarily wrong, just different.

There is merit in shorter stints so long as they are part of a continuum that supports a long term purpose. However, there are no short cuts. Whether you take it in bite sized pieces or over long languid lunches, people are only effectively discipled and churches established by consistent compassionate Christian modelling. That takes time, effort, resource, heartache and faith.


Of more concern to Pioneers than the length of any given period of service is quality of relationship. An effective relationship is one where trust is developed and strengthened to the degree that two or more people can enjoy collaborating toward achieving common goals. That’s the aim of our teams. In order to establish that kind of relationship within an organisation like Pioneers we have a membership process that seeks to ensure that you are a person our people can trust – often with their lives.

You don’t need to live permanently in a cross-cultural situation to be a member of Pioneers, but if you wish to interact with a Pioneers team(s) for longer than a year or on a regular basis then full membership is the way to go. As they say “membership has its privileges” but, like any family or community, membership also carries with it responsibilities.

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Testing The Waters

If you’re not ready to join the fellowship as a member but you do want to explore the options some more, we’re more than happy to discuss the possibility of a survey trip.

Unlike your typical “short term trip” a survey trip is a short foray into an part of the world that interests you to visit a Pioneers team there (if we have one) with a view to assessing whether or not it’s something that you want to get more involved in. There are likely many types of activities you could find yourself doing but it would mostly be a learning experience for you rather than a ministry opportunity as such. Most of our teams are located in areas that prohibit overt evangelisation or public performances etc, they’re also largely non-English speaking so that can limit activity somewhat.

We’re happy to tailor short forays as close as possible to your needs/desires so long as you have a sense of long term purpose in mind and the team is happy to host you.