Some points of difference…

We exist with a dependency on God for all things through faith filled prayer and action. ‘Walking in faith’ requires taking time to hear from Him, and praying and acting according to His perceived will – which may not necessarily line up with popular understanding, “common” sense, the latest trends, or accepted conventions.

Tough Places

There is no people group with least access to gospel resources that is too large, too small, or too hard for God to reach through those God has called to the task. Pioneers is working among as many of those people groups as possible.

Community Focused

Our ministry focus is unashamedly: Evangelism, Discipleship, and starting outreaching Christ-centred worship communities (i.e. churches). All the while we acknowledge there are many means to this end.

In order to ‘initiate’ Christian community we seek to live it out in small semi-autonomous ministry teams – often multicultural – in a cross-cultural environment. Teams tend to grow to between 8 and 12 members and then can split into multiple teams in the same town as our numbers grow, usually so our folk can focus on different people groups or ministry objectives.

Partnership Committed

As a ‘Mission Service Provider‘, we place high emphasis on partnering with sending churches. We provide the service, the church does the sending. This service includes ensuring the church is kept in the communication loop, consulting them with regard to member care, providing support to empower them as senders, and helping resource their church for mission.

On the ‘field’ we seek to partner with whoever is working toward the same aims and with the same understanding of the faith as us, regardless of the organisation.

‘Flat As’ Structure

We have a decentralised authority structure meaning leadership, strategy and decision making is field based, guided by our mission statement and core values. Each team member is a valuable contributor to the team’s development and effectiveness. Teams are free to make most strategic decisions without needing permission ‘from above’. We make every effort to keep things as consultative and negotiable as possible.

Leveraging Talent

Creativity, innovation and an individual’s unique strengths are encouraged. We utilise a variety of means to the end of raising up worshipping and outreaching Christ-centred communities among people with minimal access to gospel resources. For us in New Zealand, this includes creatively and innovatively mobilising sending churches to be involved in God’s global plan.


We have a deliberate strategy to make the most of the “personal touch” in our relationships with individual supporters, churches, cross-cultural workers, and enquirers. We also maintain a “structured flexibility” in our organisation and day to day activities.

Here’s a quote: “Pretty much everything in Pioneers is negotiable… except our core values and mission statement.”

Membership is primarily assessed on a case by case basis and formed out of the relationship we look forward to developing with you.

Other mission organisations may share similar distinctives.
What is truly distinctive of Pioneers is best understood through experience.