Collaboration Is The Future

It is no surprise that Jesus prayed to the Father that His disciples would be one as He and the Father were one (John 17:11). The Kingdom of God depends on the unity of the body. Where there is unity there blessing flows and in Biblical terms blessing essentially means growth.

At the heart of Pioneers is a desire to play our part in God’s KINGDOM purposes, not build our own meagre empire(s). To that end we are eager to partner with any and all who seek the same goals as we do – churches established where few currently exist.


It should go without saying, but we want to ensure it’s not missed – we believe the Holy Spirit is the Director of Mission and that our mission is sourced from the heart of God. He is our senior partner, our source, our provider, and our sustainer.


Those who choose to join Pioneers are partnering with us in the most direct sense. Our members aren’t subservient to some arbitrary legislation or hierarchy. Every member has the ability to help shape the part of the organisation they connect with, their team. That ability grows over time but from the outset your engagement with Pioneers should be considered a partnership discussion.

Churches Here

Our desire is to serve the Kiwi church as a “Mission Service Provider“. We have certain expertise, both locally and globally, that can help a church’s members thrive overseas with Pioneers teams; and churches have the Biblical mandate to select and appoint emmisaries from among their congregation to represent them and the God they love to people who don’t yet know God. Together we can expand God’s Kingdom in ways neither of us could hope to believe would be possible going it alone.

Churches There

There are occassions when our members find themselves ministering in an area where a church already exists. Often it’s a church of a different people group or in some way culturally distant from the people group seeking to be engaged. Our commitment is to try and work as closely as possible with local Christians and existing churches. We will have much to learn from one another and effective partnerships can result in a powerful expression of the gospel.

Other Organisations

Whether in NZ or on the mission fields of the world Pioneers is often at the forefront of multi-mission collaborations. We believe everyone has something to gain if we work together for God’s Kingdom outcomes. Our leaders gather to pray with leaders from other mission organisations and ministries, our staff and members interact with others on common projects, and our best minds contribute to the latest reflective mission thinking in global think tanks that inform the wider Christian community. Sometimes our partnerships have led to full amalgamations but we certainly haven’t set out to ‘take over the mission world’! However when something just ‘clicks’ why duplicate resources when much can be gained by combining them and creating synergy?