Principles we treasure most…

1. Passion for God

Our passion is to glorify God among the nations through obedience to the Scriptures, disciplined prayer, reliance on the Holy Spirit, and worship.

We strive to proclaim Biblical truth, evidenced by integrity in lifestyle and relationships.

2. Unreached (or Least Access) Peoples

We focus on peoples with the least access to gospel resources, be it Bibles, evangelistic literature or even local Christians.

3. Church Planting Movements

We seek to foster the multiplication of “outreaching, Christ centred worship communities” through evangelism and discipleship; resulting in dynamic, self-propagating Christ centred communities infused with a cross-cultural ministry passion.

4. The Local Church

We partner with sending churches to mobilise and develop people for effective service.

Our teams endeavour to partner with national church communities in their fields of ministry whenever possible.

5. Team Centred

We accomplish our mission through teams mobilised from around the world. Teams develop and implement appropriate strategies using various gifts and methods while modelling Christian unity.

We are committed to international fellowship, celebrating cultural diversity in the global task.

6. Innovation and Flexibility

We use innovative means to gain access and minister effectively to unreached peoples; remaining flexible and sensitive to the unique calling, vision, and needs of each worker.

7. Ethos of Grace

We affirm that God’s grace operates uniquely in the lives of all believers. In all our relationships, we endeavour to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect which encourages each of us to attain our full potential.

8. Participatory Servant-Leadership

We empower our members through a decentralised structure that emphasizes team-based servant-leadership and an interactive decision making approach based on trust.