Our Vision

Pioneers in New Zealand

By faith we see many New Zealand churches passionately engaged toward active involvement in cross-cultural ministry among Least Access Peoples; and we see ourselves serving innovatively to facilitate such involvement with Pioneers  teams worldwide.

Pioneers Internationally

Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Pioneers In Practice

Every day we are bombarded with images of a utopia within our reach, if only… if only you got this loan, if only you purchased our goods, if only you wore this brand, if only you looked this fit. Somewhere in there you might catch a glimpse of an emaciated child, a natural disaster or military unrest… before you switch channels.

Then something happens, the Spirit of God begins stirring up a concern for the broken world around you, perhaps especially for those ethnically different than you who live beyond your immediate reach. Suddenly the task of making this world a better place seems overwhelming, almost impossible. Don’t give up! It’s easier than you might think.

Our Passion

We, in Pioneers, have a consuming passion to facilitate everyday Christians to impact the lives of people around the world who are far from the Gospel message – culturally, linguistically, religiously and, more often than not, geographically. Pioneers’ passion is to see God glorified where the gospel is least known and the church hardly exists, through the establishment of multiplying fellowships of believers worshipping Him.

Your Will

“The task is so huge, what can I do?” you might ask. “Be willing” is the answer. You have no idea what God can do with you if you are willing to count the cost and obey Him. “Yes Lord” will take you on the wildest adventure of your life! A willing heart will open doors of ministry in the most spiritually barren places of this rock we call Earth and you’ll see Jesus planted there.

Strategic Partnerships

We are looking to partner with men and women who have a passion for Jesus and a willingness to obey Him – Him, not us. We operate a flexible, dynamic, and ‘flat’ organisational structure as we seek to mobilise, equip, and actively send teams of workers into Jesus’ harvest fields. Furthermore, we have a commitment to ensure that you’re able to remain effective – a commitment to “member care”.

We are looking to partner with local churches who have a desire to multiply themselves among unreached peoples and establish multiplying fellowships beyond their immediate reach. Partnership is a two way street and requires a deeper level of commitment than the traditional models of mission/church relationship suggest. We’re wanting to work with you as a church to see teams raised up, sent and cared for.