On Field

Helping you to thrive in your host culture.

Pioneers is all about personal empowerment, making the most of who God made you to be so you can invest your best in His purposes. Then we go and integrate you into a team. That’s where the fun starts.

Our commitment to small, semi-autonomous teams is the ‘genius’ of Pioneers’ structure. Just like the body has cells that grow and multiply when they’re adequately nourished, so do our teams. On the field, the team is the core of Pioneers. It provides mutual support, wisdom in numbers, strength in counsel, and guidance in ministry decisions.

Our leadership philosophy is one of service and support. A Team Leader’s role is to ensure the healthy functioning of the team – not to control the direction of your ministry. The Team Leader is supported by an Area Leader, and they are supported by a Regional Leader.

In essence Pioneers exists to maximize the relationships between diverse but like minded people, so that those people can make Jesus known through their lives and conversations. “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:35)

You There, Us Here

While you’re ‘out there’, we carry out a number of services for you…

  • Receiving and distributing your sponsorship
  • Maintaining your travel insurance policy
  • Swiftly answering any correspondence from you
  • Being a sounding board for your ideas or concerns
  • Maintaining contact with your sending church
  • Highlighting prayer needs via our bi-monthly prayer update
  • Promoting your ministry by publishing your stories in our 2x-year magazine
  • Visiting you on the field or at one of your annual area retreats
  • Debriefing you when you return to NZ for ‘Kiwi-leave’
  • Suggesting personal development options to enhance your ministry
  • Plus more, depending on your situation.

When It Hits The Fan

Experience tells us that there will be times when you need us more than others. And those times are critical for your health and wellbeing in cross-cultural ministry.

Whether it’s struggling with the adjustment to your new context, conflict with fellow team mates or an unsatisfying relationship with your Team Leader, we are available to help mediate a solution. We’re the ones who’ll know you best in the Pioneers world and are often able to see why conflict has arisen or why you might be struggling in one area more than another.

That’s why we get you to take various personality tests and get a well rounded psychological assessment done – so we can be aware of your benchmarks and areas you might need more help in. Our broad understanding of cultural idiosyncrasies and more intimate knowledge of your personality preferences helps us advocate for you far more effectively should anything happen to you out there.

Trust us. We know what we’re doing (most of the time).

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