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Katherine YoungWhile the objective of Pioneers is to see churches established where none currently exist, there are many ways to achieve that end – medical work is one of these!

Doctors, nurses, occupational/physiotherapists, deaf/special needs educators & medical profesionals for community health, AIDS rehabilitation, medical English teaching & other specialties.

Willing and able doctors urgently needed, short or longer term, at mission hospitals in Rumginae Papua New Guinea and Yei South Sudan Click a tab for more information >>

Rumginae Hospital in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea is a bush hospital and Community Health Worker training school. The hospital is consistently staffed by two doctors Aussie trained Addy Sitther and Kiwi trained Sharon Brandon. Visiting doctors assist at various times but they are in urgent need of an additional third doctor to ease off the demand pressure that builds at times.

The hospital serves the immediate community as well as patients flown in from surrounding regions by MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). Not too long ago one such patient was a Kiwi featured in worldwide news!

For a glimpse into life in Rumginae take a look at Dr Sharon Brandon’s blog site: Jungle Doctor Sharon.

Rumginae Hospital’s website can be found here.

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South Sudan is the newest country on earth, having been formed in July 2011. After decades of civil war with Sudan to the north the South Sudan tribal people can finally start rebuilding their lives and their country’s infrastructure. That’s by no means an easy task. In addition to re-establishing themselves they are also trying to cope with the many refugees residing in their nation from other war-torn countries.

Pioneers partners with a hospital/orphanage ministry Bet Eman (“His House of Hope”) by assisting with the emerging hospital needs. Kiwi nurse Katherine Young is already onsite helping to train local nurses alongside the doctoring staff: an American head doctor, an Australian doctor and a South Sudan doctor. The staff are eager to add to their expat team any well qualified medical professional who wish to assist them bring healing to the people of South Sudan and surrounding nations.

For insight into life at Bet Eman hospital have a read of Kiwi nurse Katherine Young’s blog here.

News from the chief doctor and his family, also Pioneers members, Dr Jeff Perry can be read here.

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As mentioned above we have a list of healthcare professional needs that keep changing. If you have qualifications, skills and experience that can help with any time of health care don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about how you might be able to be involved.

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