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Here’s some information about our longer term membership philosophy…

Pioneers teams are spread throughout the entire globe.

Here’s some statistics:

  • Over 2500 members
  • 80% Married, 13% Single Females, 7% Single Males
  • 229 teams
  • 95 countries
  • 146 People Groups
  • Every major religious bloc (Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Tribal, etc)
  • and growing about 10% larger every year.

As you might imagine, that’s A LOT of territory to cover and a lot of opportunities within those 229 teams! Furthermore, true to our name, Pioneers is open to new teams starting up, so even if we don’t currently have a team doing what you want to do, where you want to do it, it’s possible that you could start something new.

Our primary focus is to work in locations where large groups of people have little access to the knowledge of Jesus. Usually that means that there’s not a local church near them, or not a local church within their ‘cultural boundary’.

Because the world is changing so fast, and Pioneers doesn’t do a lot of work with established institutions, we can’t really maintain a database of opportunities in ‘real-time’. Pioneers is somewhat ‘dynamic’ so we take what we know about you and contact a number of teams to see what might fit you best at the time of enquiry. From there a relationship develops with a team that resonates with your vision and we sit back and watch God work!

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A whole world of possibilities.

While we have and can establish partnership agreements with many well established organisations, Pioneers members are usually involved in start-up ministries that require minimal infrastructure and are appropriate to the culture they’re working in. Our core value of innovation and flexibility opens up a world of exciting possibilities to extend God’s kingdom.

All the activities below are focused on one primary goal – to help people come to know Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, and gather with other followers near them.

Here’s a SMALL selection of the types of activities Pioneers members are involved in:

  • Small business enterprise (and some not-so-small businesses!)
  • Community health care
  • General medical care
  • Education – missionary kids and other types
  • Transformational and community development
  • Trade skills training
  • Theological education
  • University education
  • English language teaching
  • Leadership development
  • Cell-church / house church planting
  • Prayer and worship ministries
  • Youth and at-risk-kids outreach
  • Media ministries
  • Administration support
  • Counseling and member care ministries
  • Plus so much more!

Does anything in this list push your button? If not, we might just have missed it off the list.

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Can you put a time limit on relationships?

The paradigm of long-term/short-term mission is getting a bit tired now. We all understand what it means to a point, but mission activities are becoming a lot more fluid these days. Sure, some people just want to go out and do something practical with their holiday time. That kind of short term activity will always gain some interest.

However, we’re more interested in a relationship. Contact may be more frequent some times than others, but a relationship paradigm is much more flexible than a fixed term contract. It allows you to come and go as you sense God leading and as needs arise.

Membership with Pioneers NZ is open to anyone who:

  • Is looking at a cross-cultural engagement for at least 12 months
  • Senses a call to cross-cultural ministry as their ‘main thing’ and long term purpose
  • Is wanting to conduct their activity within the fellowship of Pioneers
  • Is willing to contribute to Pioneers as a member
  • Is happy to consult with and learn from Pioneers leaders and team members.

Once the full membership application process is completed, your journey may take lots of twists and turns, and you may even feel a relationship with Pioneers is no longer needed along the way. We’re willing to walk that road wherever it may lead.

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