NZ Based

Pioneers has limited service options in New Zealand. If one of these sounds like you, we’d love to hear about it.

Serving on the NZ Base team is limited by our budget so most positions will require the future team member to be self-supporting or serving in a voluntary capacity.

If you’ve looked through the “Our Story” part of the website and think you could have something to contribute to our NZ based operations feel free to contact us. We’re particularly interested in anyone who may be able to strengthen our team in these areas:

  • Business Development – assisting us with income generation, via our property development project and other projects that will generate resources to help sustain our ministry.
  • Overseas Project Development – potentially registering with the NZ Government’s Aid/Development department (NZAID) to source funding for Pioneers projects by developing project funding proposals in consultation with field workers and managing the compliance issues around those projects.
  • (Intercultural) Public Relations – this role is wide and varied and may include responsibility for the following two roles. Essentially the role would involve strengthening our existing network and extending it to like-minded churches and people who Pioneers can serve in mission. In addition to extending Pioneers’ services in New Zealand the role demands a high degree of “cultural intelligence” in working with Pioneers members worldwide.
  • Short Term Team Development – we currently manage a handful of short termers in any given year, but that could be expanded with the right people on board. They would need to be highly motivated, skilled in organizing and gifted with people management. The role may involve traveling to lead teams, but will definitely involve pre-trip training with teams and a lot of trip management (visas, tickets, insurances, hotels, budget management, communication with our field Team Leaders etc).
  • Volunteer Management – Pioneers Partners, Pioneers Prayer Groups, Regional and Campus Representatives and more besides are currently being underutilized by us. This is due to limited capacity on our current staff team. If you feel you’re able to contribute to the cause of mission by helping to encourage and maximize volunteer service with Pioneers here in New Zealand, we’d love to talk with you about it.

Last updated: November 2015.

Note: If you’re thinking of contacting us about these positions please remember that we do not have the financial ability to employ people to join the team in many of these roles. If you think it’s possible for you to raise enough sponsorship to cover your salary then let’s explore it together.

On Waitangi Day 2012 a new team was launched with a radical way of looking at how mission is done. The Kiwi-Team is a group of like-minded Pioneers members based in NZ with a cross-cultural ministry focus offshore (or to people with least access to the gospel in NZ).

The idea behind the Kiwi-Team is that it allows people who need to remain in NZ for whatever reason to participate and contribute to a cross-cultural ministry as part of the fellowship of Pioneers. Sometimes health difficulties, family needs, funding issues, or visa restrictions prevent people from relocating more permanently to a cross-cultural ministry situation. These people have a strong sense of call and often cross-cultural experience under their belt already, but can’t invest full-time in it.

Being part of Pioneers’ TEAM KIWI:

  • Gives team members full rights and responsibilities of membership in Pioneers.
  • Provides access to field resources (e.g. retreats/conferences for the area they’re focused on) and contact with field personnel as an ‘insider’.
  • Makes the resources of the Pioneers NZ base available to them as to any of our field based members (donation management, logistics support, member care, etc).
  • Validates team members’ ministries as part of a wider mission cause, not just a small independent operation (this could mean the difference between full sending church support or none).
  • Encourages team members through fellowship with one another, sharing of experiences, and cross-pollination of creative ideas for mission from afar.

If you have a passion to support and engage in a cross-cultural ministry amongst those with least access to the gospel but have good reason why you can’t leave NZ on a longer term basis, maybe there is a place for you in the Kiwi-Team?

All Kiwi-Team members are required to undergo the full membership process as a field member.

our membership process

We’re always open to considering people for volunteer positions or internships. We’re particularly looking for regional representation and people we can invest in who will gather a group to pray for Pioneers members on a regular basis.

Voluntary roles within Pioneers are somewhat determined by what you might bring to the table. Everyone has something positive to offer the cause of mission, it’s often just a case of exploring together what that might be.

If you like who we are, what we stand for and our aims/objectives, and would like to be involved in some capacity, drop us a note with your ideas and we’ll take it from there.

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