An Unlikely Messenger: North Africa

Some days all we can do is marvel at the incredible works and ways of God. We are here in North Africa working among Muslims, labouring to bring the gospel to them. Sometimes it is difficult, and at other times God encourages our hearts with the amusing irony of doing what only He can do.

We came here to plant a church among a tribal group. So while we are not exclusively limiting our ministry to this people group, they do remain our primary focus. We hope to move out to their “homeland” in the eastern part of this country so that we might see God’s church established among them.

Through His divine intervention, God is using Muslims themselves to reach the hearts of other thirsty Muslims in places where we cannot venture. Through the work of the Lord, a young Muslim man with an entrepreneurial spirit beat us to the punch. He is one of their fellow tribesmen who lives just around the corner from us. After recognising that his people have an interest in the Bible, he took it upon himself to purchase 40 audio copies of the New Testament in their dialect of Arabic to sell in the very town our team seeks to reach. These Bibles are audio versions on SD memory cards that people can listen to on their mobile phones. A week or two later, after purchasing the first batch, he placed another order for 30 more copies—for a total of 70.

Only one of the four families on our team has been able to live in the town where he is selling the Bibles, though we all hope to end up there one day. But in the meantime God is using an insider who is 100 percent Muslim to prepare the way before we can get there. How cool is that? God is indeed good!

Please pray that as people buy the New Testaments they would listen and pass them around to their friends. Ask God to challenge their minds and hearts with what they hear.

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