There aren’t any magic church-planting beans that make a church spring up from the ground in an unreached people group. But as it turns out, coffee beans are essential for one group of church planters in Asia, and God is supplying the supernatural power.


Together, four Asian church-planting families have a dependence on coffee that is even more basic than feeding an addiction to caffeine or sticking to necessary cultural practices for showing hospitality to guests. They have leveraged their own coffee bean farm as a means to support their evangelistic lifestyle in an area that is restrictive and even sometimes hostile to messengers of the Good News.  The business allows them to have the funding they need to share their faith in Jesus in a very difficult area.


They partner with on-the-field Pioneers who provided micro-loans for land and training in business and church-planting. Another foreign worker actually exports the coffee beans. And a Pioneers family here in the U.S. roasts, packages and markets their coffee products—as they do for two other ministry growers in Asia and Africa—in order to fund this gospel work.*


They love Jesus, and coffee is helping them make Jesus known to unreached people that don’t know about Him yet.


Consider feeding your love for a good cup of coffee while supporting church-planting efforts. Choose from whole bean or ground, 12 oz bags, 2 oz sample packs or cartons of 24 individual servings (k-cups). Try out your coffee of choice here at You may also buy our coffee at wholesale prices to sell in stores or use at your place of business. Please contact if you have any questions.


*This coffee is direct trade, meaning that middlemen are excluded from the process so that the farmers can maximize their profits. This coffee is grown and processed in Asia, sold to an exporter and shipped to the U.S. A Pioneer here roasts, packages and markets the coffee.

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