Launching For Long Term: Iberian Peninsula

If God has laid long-term life and work in Portugal, Spain or the Basque Country on your heart, but you’re not sure what that looks like as yet, the Iberian Peninsula Launch Team might be your answer.

Situated on the beautiful and rugged northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula is Spain’s 7th largest city, Gijón. This is where the Iberian Launch Team is located. This team seeks to equip and ‘launch’ Pioneers workers whom God is preparing to initiate new work – or join existing teams – on the Iberian Peninsula. This may mean ministry in Portugal, Spain or the Basque Country. Perhaps God has laid long-term work in one of these areas on your heart, yet you are unclear about the particulars of where and how you will engage in His mission on the Peninsula. If so, then this launch team is for you!

The heart of the Launch Team serves to provide a welcome and entry point into the Iberian Peninsula. Launch Team members will journey with you until a team is formed around you. Asking for a commitment of no less than six months and no more than two years, the launch team desires to see you ‘launched’ and on your way into effective and fruitful ministry.

The vision of the Launch Team therefore is five-fold:

Nurturing – receiving, encouraging and caring for new workers through language & culture adaptation
Training – reading/reflecting on the Bible and other set books, and interacting with experienced workers
Networking – exploring opportunities for future ministry by developing relationships
Praying – nurturing true dependence on God and developing helpful rhythms for life and ministry
Launching – to be launched into a new team/area to see churches planted among the unreached

While most of the world would designate the people of this area as Catholic, the majority of locals have rejected that description of themselves. Furthermore, according to European studies many of these ‘statistical Catholics’ don’t even believe in God. This is no great surprise given the pagan nature of the Catholic practise on the Peninsula.

The Peninsula is home to over 55 million unreached people. Fewer than 1% of the population would be considered true believers. Spain, for instance, has around half a million evangelical believers and Portugal is home to only around 100,000 believers. The majority of these people in both cases are immigrants, the concentration of which is around the respective capitals and other areas of high immigrant population. This leaves the north and west of the Peninsula very dry spiritually.

Long-term commitment to ministry is essential to penetrate the extensive spiritual strongholds of pagan Catholicism, with its cultural bias away from the true gospel, as well as secularism and materialism.

Would you consider long-term ministry in this area of the world? The Launch Team is waiting for you!

For more information, check out the Iberian Peninsula Launch Team’s Facebook page.

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