BY PIONEERS-USA November 12, 2015

We see it on the news and read it on the internet. Victims of war. Victims of disease. It’s hard to fight compassion fatigue when you don’t know how to help. It’s information that’s hard to translate into action.


But God can make a way for us to help and build his kingdom.


Rani is an Indian woman who reminds me of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well. The fact that Jesus knew them before they even met Him had a powerful impact on them both.


Rani’s family and community rejected her after her husband died of complications from HIV. She learned that she had HIV, too and tried to commit suicide in a field outside her village, but God intervened.


Later she remembered hearing about a ministry for women like her. She sought them out only to find love and respect from Pioneers missionaries and other Christian women who have similar stories.


“I didn’t know who God was,” Rani says smiling. “But God knew who I was.”

Now Rani has employment as a seamstress in a Pioneers business working with people who treat her like family. She says that sometimes she forgets that she has HIV. (Watch Rani’s Story)


We hear similar stories coming from Pioneers who are working with refugees in difficult places around the world. For example, 17 Syrian and Iraqi refugee families have come to faith in the last year. Like Rani, these people are marginalized and have great need. However, showing love and care by meeting their practical needs, listening to their stories and sharing the gospel message with them starts movements of faith.


“We see a complete difference in your way—the way of the believers in Jesus,” one Syrian woman proclaimed. “We want to be like that. We want to live in love.”


The Love Moves campaign is a way for us to support movements of faith in places where God is already working among those who are broken by war and disease. We want to send more missionaries to catalyze new movements, while training them to minister more effectively.


Will you help us extend the love of God in 2016?

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