Our team works in 13 remote areas that are scattered in different directions from our home. And one area we have visited regularly for the past three years is a seven-hour drive on rough, high-altitude terrain, so our trips are not very frequent. But God has been doing big things there.


On our last visit, 16 people heard the gospel and responded with a desire to be baptized. And this little area isn’t really a village—it’s just a place with many scattered houses. They have a small school that educates kids up to the fifth grade. There is no electricity and no running water, except for two water faucets at the school that bring up water from a well. Most of the homes are up and down the mountainsides in the surrounding area.


We just visited the area again and found that God has been at work in our absence. Eleven more people were baptized. And because of the size of this group of believers, we all decided that it was necessary to establish a church called Nueva Vida, which means “new life” in Spanish. And after much prayer and discipleship, we put elders and deacons in place. The believers and many more curious attenders are coming. We praise God that He has established a church in an area without a real town.


The local belief system requires the people to worship and appease many angry gods and spirits, continually make sacrifices to these gods. The new Christians no longer participate in these practices because they now believe in a loving God who cares for them. Please keep these new believers in your prayers, and ask God to help them stand firm in their new faith.

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