Life here in North Africa is unpredictable. And some days provide unexpected experiences that bring opportunities for me to interact with people outside my normal circles. And sometimes these experiences are significant.


One day last month, I was sitting at a coffee stand with some men. We were reading and discussing a story from the Bible together. Suddenly, in front of us, a man I knew as the town outcast fell facedown in the dusty road and began to seize violently. As his body shook and his face became covered with dirt, no one went near him. So I went and put my hand on him.


When his seizure was over, one of the men I’d been reading with abruptly told him to go home. I argued that it wasn’t his fault he had the seizure, and he should be allowed to stay and rest.


A few moments later, I overheard another man say, “You see these Christians? They come over here and love our people even more than we do.”


This action provoked comparison between Christian and non-Christian. But the goal is to provoke them to seek the true source of love from God. Please pray that the knowledge of Jesus would continue to go forth in word and deed through us.

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