Student Far From Home Finds Christ

Abdelkader* was a student from a neighbouring Arab country, living in Beirut. One night he had a dream. He saw a man that he knew was Jesus tell him to become his follower. Scared and confused, Abdelkader began searching, trying to understand what had happened to him and to find out more about Jesus. He found the Maarifa mobile site and read all of the New Testament on his phone. A longing grew to share with other Jesus-followers, and he finally contacted us. At first, he was fearful and asked that his correspondence be in strictest confidence; but soon he agreed to meet with some local believers in Lebanon.

When Abdelkader met a follow-up volunteer, they had a wonderful time together. (Abdelkader was rejoicing and said he really wanted to grow in his newfound faith.) They began meeting twice a week to study the Bible, and soon Abdelkader was attending church regularly. Now he is happy to finally be in fellowship with others like himself and has asked to be baptised.

Next comes a challenging message from a young Algerian woman. How would you respond?

More stories like this can be found on AWM’s website.

A good number of our response and follow-up team workers are Arab world believers themselves, so they have a good grasp of language and, even more importantly, they know just what it means to follow Christ in a Muslim-majority country. Give thanks for them!

Please remember to pray that Muslim background believers would be discipled well and integrated into fellowships, where possible. This is what we long to see!

*Indicates that a pseudonym has been used

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