Many Pioneers are professional teachers, whose expertise is a desired commodity in their host nations. Some teach science, business, English or even biblical or theological courses.


One Pioneer is using her skills in education to teach adults in a Muslim part of East Africa. She writes,


“We are back in the routine of school. And my classes feel more like family than a bunch of gathered students. I have had great opportunities to talk with them about God. We have discussed everything from what it means for Jesus to be God’s Son to living by grace instead of works.


“One woman in particular seems to be touched by many of our class discussions. She even asked for a copy of the Bible to read on her phone. One day after class, we spent almost two hours in spiritual discussions—the fall of man, what it looks like to follow Jesus and more. Then I told her about how Jesus’ death paid for all of our debts.


“‘But that doesn’t make sense,’ she exclaimed in confusion. ‘Why would he do that? We must pay for ourselves…’ she trailed off. After a long pause she said, ‘This must be why you are happy all the time.’


“Although I’ve had many opportunities to share about Jesus and God’s Word, this ministry is not without its challenges. There are still very few women, which can be tricky in this male-dominated culture. Also, one of my favorite students has been forbidden by his parents from coming back to class.


“Ask God to help me show them the love of Jesus in my words and actions, and pray that He would continue working in their hearts.”


Please take a moment to pray for our Pioneers who are using their teaching skills to build relationships and sow the gospel seeds into the hearts and minds of people who have never heard the Good News before.

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