Church Planting Northern Thailand

According to the Joshua Project, only two of every 1000 Northern Thais know Christ. We are here to play our part in changing that figure. Our vision is to see contextualised, rural, community based churches reaching out into their communities and beyond with the good news and love of Christ.

The Northern Thai people group represents the third largest of around 100 different people groups in Thailand, and has approximately seven million people. They have their own language and culture and have a strong belief in Folk Buddhism which is a mixture of Buddhism and animism. The Lanna Village Team focuses on those of this people group who live in rural Northern Thailand.

We strive to become an integral part of the community we live and work in through activities which build relationships. These activities may include things like playing sport, working with the poor, cooking, teaching English, riding motorcycles, doing aerobics, or even just sitting and talking to our neighbours. Basically anything that allows us to share life with the people in our community, and through that build the relationships that give us the opportunity to share the gospel.

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