Manurewa Miracles

Tarsem and Margaret Paul are members of Pioneers NZ ministering in the South Auckland region amongst followers of the Sikh and Hindu religions. They are gifted in evangelism and counselling, with particular emphasis on spiritual warfare. About a recent healing, Tarsem writes,

“The Lord saved a man and his wife into His kingdom through the power of the gospel and supernatural healing and deliverance from the power of darkness. He also provided for their needs. This man, who followed his false religion from the age of 10, is 78 years old and was in Middlemore Hospital with severe pain. He could not bear his pain and his family called me from the hospital asking me to pray for him.

I felt to share the gospel with him first and then pray for his pain. He was crying in pain and was hardly able to sleep, but he listened to the gospel and repented from worshiping idols and false religious customs. He received the Lord right there on the phone.

When I prayed for his pain I saw in my spirit something black around his heart. The Lord led me to pray against the power of darkness and against the pain. After prayer he was instantly healed and had good sleep. He started coming with his wife to our Sunday services in Manurewa. Since that day he has not had that pain around his chest and back again.”

Image: Tarsem Paul praying for a young Punjabi man in India.

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