Somali Outreach East Africa

There are currently no mature Somali churches to create a church planting movement of their own. Nearly 100% of the Somali population of 17 million are devoutly religious with no knowledge of Christ. It is this team’s goal to see an indigenously led church planting movement among the Somali of the Horn of Africa: to see churches spontaneously reproducing throughout the entire Somali region, and then cross cultural boundaries to other unreached people groups.

An area heavily damaged by conflict, the team will be engaging in community development alongside church planting. To this end they are looking for people with: midwifery and counseling experience, specifically for grief and trauma needs for women, micro-lending/finance, computer training, or teaching English and basic-business skills. Above all, this team desires for those who have a passion for God and a flexible attitude to do different things to bring the gospel into this area.

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