Discipleship Arnhem Land

Could you see yourself sitting in the dirt under a tree in the Northern Territory, building meaningful relationships and discipling Indigenous Australians?

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been working in and building relationships throughout Arnhem Land for the past 40 years. As a result, their contacts and vast knowledge of the area has seen them find favour with a range of scattered communities known as homelands.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) receives numerous requests for someone to come and bring Jesus alive to them. But when you are a pilot or engineer, there isn’t always enough time to join a group of men in hunting for buffalos or turtles, or to sit under a tree and talk during odd hours of the day, to embed yourself in a community that holds time loosely. But these are the ways in which deep, long-lasting relationships develop and discipleship begins.

This is where Pioneers comes in. In many ways MAF is like a bridge. With years of relationships, experience, knowledge and love for Arnhem Land and its people, they want to help others like Pioneers workers to build trust, deepen relationships and share Jesus with the homelands in this area.

Would you consider coming to live in Arnhem Land, working alongside local church leaders, taking the time to learn about the culture and establish meaningful relationships? We long to support the Australian Church as they send people who have a deep desire to share the good news of Jesus and see Indigenous disciples grow in Him.

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