There’s a widely accepted myth in the world of mission that needs to be busted. It is this…all missionaries are preachers.


The truth is that Pioneers use anything and everything that allows them to share the Good News. After all, Paul was a tentmaker. And if you think that was outside the box, you should see what today’s missionaries do to introduce people to Jesus:


1 Farming


Yes, you read that right! Combine a business background with a passion for good produce, and you get a perfect platform for mission. Coffee, fruit, chickens…you name it.


2 Performing arts


Tucked away in one corner of the world is a creative community of God’s people who make Jesus known through life and worship, music and art. “I see unlimited potential,” writes one worker. “Music, film-making, poetry, dance, storytelling, drama, painting, crafts, etc. can be used to live in relationship, communicate truth, and express worship.”


3 Tourism adventures


Snorkeling, rock climbing, diving, trekking, surfing and visits to waterfalls. Running a tourism adventure company lets these workers build and develop relationships with their local employees.


4 Trades


People who use their hands to build and fix things are in high demand! These workers use their skills to teach sustainable and affordable building techniques and help implement culturally appropriate technologies on a community level. In doing so, they are able to share the love of God in practical ways.


5 Being a family


This might sound strange, but in many places around the world—particularly countries where families are torn apart, kids are orphaned, fathers are killed by war—a Christian family that honors God can demonstrate in word and deed what it means to follow Jesus.


6 Business


Can you imagine the opportunities to bring glory to God through running an internet café, a bakery, a restaurant or a consulting company? On a business level, meaningful engagement with local customers could bring new life. Ingenious!


7 Media


You only need to spend a few minutes on CommNetMedia.com before you see the way film, photos, graphic design and stories bring glory to God. What is CommNet, you ask? CommNet is a team of creatives who use their skills to capture and share stories of God at work across the globe—advocating for the unreached.


One Pioneer living overseas writes, “I get to do what I enjoy doing everyday. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, because I don’t fit the old missionary mold.”


But God created us to have talents and desires in order to reflect the different parts of His image. And His message never changes: Jesus loves the whole world. The means by which that message is delivered is up for grabs. How will you use your unique gifts and interests to share?

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