About long-term field service

Looking for longer-term opportunities? Search no further! Pioneers missionaries use innovative methods of ministry to plant churches across the globe. Our missionaries use what they have learnt in life to serve others and share the gospel as teachers, builders, doctors, business people, engineers and so much more. See where God can lead you in long-term missions service!


Perhaps God has given you a heart and skills for a specific type of ministry. The Pioneers global network can provide you with opportunities to creatively engage unreached peoples in a variety of ways.

Here are just a few of the things our missionaries are doing:

  • Ministry to prostitutes and victims of trafficking
  • Mentoring nationals in business skills
  • Sharing hope with children and teens through teaching or care in orphanages
  • Engaging in sports and fitness to build relationships
  • Caring for the sick by providing medical care
  • Connecting with university students through leading Discovery Bible Studies
  • Using media, design and the arts to inspire and communicate Gospel truth


Even if there is not currently a Pioneers ministry engaged in the type of ministry you are looking for, we will help champion the vision God has given you to begin a new ministry in partnership with one of our teams.




Can my skills be used in mission?

Absolutely! Mission is about living as a passionate follower of the Lord Jesus Christ in some other postcode of the world.  You get to be yourself, living and serving and sharing life through the gifts and skills that make you who you are.  Creative means are employed all over the world everyday as followers of Jesus do life on life with people who don’t yet know him.

Pioneers missionaries are using their degrees, training and skills from many fields to help fuel their work in their nation of service. Here are a few of the workers we are seeking on the field…


  • Graphic and web designers
  • Social workers or psychologists
  • Teachers – Primary school through university
  • Engineers or architects
  • Business professionals
  • Carpenters, plumbers or mechanics
  • Nurses, physical therapists or even veterinarians

Don’t see your area of work on the list? Contact us! It is very likely that we can find an opportunity to use your skills!



Do you have a specific country or people group with whom you want to serve? Our international Pioneers network has teams in 108 countries, with a focus of hundreds of different unreached and least reached people groups. East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and South America are just some of the regions where we have long-term opportunities waiting for you!

We help you to learn about the many opportunities available and explore how your gifts, talents and passions might be used in the global expansion of God’s kingdom.  Over that time we will connect you with teams working with unreached people in the region God is calling you to serve.



What training do I need?

The type of training you need varies according to what you have done in the past and what you plan to do in the future. Our whole ethos is geared toward helping you to prepare well so that you will thrive, not just survive, in cross-cultural life and ministry. You may need Bible College training, language-learning skills, cross-culture awareness, for example. We’ll encourage you to learn from those who have gone before by reading good books and interacting with former workers. Our team is committed to serving you now and into the future.