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Why go with Pioneers New Zealand (PiNZ)?

We believe there are many reasons why missionaries are usually more effective when they work as part a mission agency such as PiNZ.  Here are a few;


  • We partner with your church as a mission specialist to supplement the support you receive as a cross-cultural worker
  • We connect you to a global network that enables you to serve on one of hundreds of teams in over 100 different countries
  • We provide important information you need to know as a missionary and support you in identifying your unique personality, gifts and specific calling.
  • On the field, we provide on-going support and specialized training delivered by experienced long-term missionaries and other professionals

Ready to get started with us? Check out the other pages on our web-site that outline the range of ways we can help you fulfil God’s call on your life to participate in cross-cultural mission.


Who can belong to PiNZ?

We understand that becoming a missionary is a process involving exploration, learning and discovery, and that people are at different stages in that journey.  Most of our members work overseas.  But others feel called to cross-cultural mission while still being based in New Zealand.  Others feel called to work with people from other cultures who have migrated to New Zealand.  Working in cross-cultural mission is a life-changing experience and we find people who return to New Zealand after serving God in another country usually retain their heart for mission and want to continue as part of the Pioneers family.  So Pioneers NZ provides a range of membership options.


PiNZ membership categories 

  1. Full members work full time overseas or are based in NZ but engage in global mission through regular short term mission overseas, a focus on diaspora people in New Zealand etc.
  2. Associate members engage in short-term visits or have sensed a more definite call to longer-term global mission but are still exploring possible ministries, places of service and preparing to go.
  3. Alumni and Friends of Pioneers are people who have returned from field service and/or have a passion for supporting mission and wish to continue identifying with PiNZ and the wider Pioneers family. These people may work as PiNZ volunteers and supporters and belong to a Pioneers regional network group.



Ready to Join PiNZ?