Ready to Join PiNZ?

 Relationships are important to us. We want to get to know you and invite you to get to know us. This relational approach involves several stages.

Stage 1. Meet

Fill out an Exploring PiNZ form and meet together to exchange information, and if we are the right fit, begin an on-going discovery/coaching relationship. (Friend of Pioneers)

Stage 2.  Explore

Ongoing discussion and prayer with the Pioneers team discovering where God wants you to serve, in discussion with your church pastor or mission leader.  Complete associate membership forms and initial PiNZ orientation course.  Possible short term trip. (Associate membership)

Stage 3. Join Up

Complete full membership enrolment process involving more detailed form completion, medical and psychological assessments referees reports, full PiNZ orientation course etc. (Full membership)

Stage 4. Prepare

Prepare for the field Visit to field to explore probable area of service and team wishing to join.  Complete any further training and development you need.  Complete raising finance and prayer support needed in chosen place of service.

Stage 5. Orientation

Complete orientation course, formalise church partnership agreement and complete any processes and documentation needed to enter your new country.

Stage 6. Depart

Depart Commissioning by your church.  Travel to the field and begin on-site area and team orientation.

Stage 7. Support

We keep in contact with you and support you on the field.