On-field Support

We support you in your ministry through; 

  • Prayer support. We circulate a bi-monthly prayer news with updates from all members that includes a day dedicated to you. We can also provide promotional material for your church and supporters to help them remember you and your ministry. For example, a fridge prayer photo or church noticeboard poster.
  • Promoting your ministry. We encourage you to send stories and photos of what God is doing through you depending on the security conditions where you work. We promote these stories through our website, Facebook, and email magazine. At times we get asked to publish this information in magazines like the Baptist.
  • Regular contact. We keep in touch through letters, emails, Skype etc. so we are up-to-date with your circumstances and can advise you on topics such as Pioneers’ procedures, team operations, or concerns about your affairs back in NZ.
  • Connecting with your team. Your team leader and members are your main supports and we communicate with them as appropriate. We are available to you to work through any issues and facilitate understanding where team problems may arise.
  • Field visits When possible we visit you in your field context. This will be restricted by our office budget in any given year. 
  • Self-care While you are your own first line of “member care”, we support you in this by monitoring your vacations, spiritual input, stress management etc.
  • Crisis management. Mission service is often undertaken in risky environments so we have contingencies in place to help you. We are trained and experienced in handling crises and keep an emergency fund to help you in such circumstances.
  • Personal development coaching. We encourage and model active life-long learning. Learning language and culture will provide the initial challenges. After that we can help you find additional study you may need for your ministry.
  • Children’s care & education. Using the collective experience of others we can help you find the best way to support your children while in mission service.
  • Donation management. We disperse your finances monthly and help you track your donors, expenses etc . We can arrange regular payments such as Kiwisaver , student loans, mortgages etc. We manage special donations if you want to raise funds for a specific project and can get money to you in an emergency.
  • Data management. We keep an updated database of your personal information, including travel activity, in case of emergency or other crisis. If a crisis occurs anywhere near you we often need to reassure family of your safety.
  • Recruiting new workers. You may want other Kiwis to come join you in mission and we can help recruit future mission workers for your team.
  • Ongoing church partnership. We help your church understand your situation in the field. We will contact the relevant person at your church from time to time to keep the relationship alive and promote your ministry. When you come home on leave we work with your church to provide practical support as we are able. We meet with you for debrief and can arrange for more extensive debriefing with a specialist missionary service.