Preparing for long-term cross cultural mission

We help you to prepare for longer-term mission by;

  • Personalized Coaching. It is a joy for us to walk alongside our missionaries and offer personalized mentoring and coaching for individuals and families. This support journey is customized for each missionary and could involve anything from providing counsel and prayer support, to offering referrals and resources for mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • Suitability Analysis. With your permission, we collect information about you from referees and personality and psychological assessments.  We discuss this information with you to help identify the best areas of service for you and the type of support you might need before and during the time you are serving in cross cultural mission.
  • Training and development. We help you enhance your resilience and skills particularly in cross-cultural living by planning further training and development in areas such as biblical knowledge, communication, spiritual growth etc.
  • Identifying your field and team. We research possible areas of service for you and introduce you to the ministry and field team that is the right one for you.
  • Assistance with pre-departure requirements. We work with your prospective on-field team leader to set a realistic budget to ensure you have enough funding to thrive in mission and help you obtain the sponsorship you require.
  • Donation Management. We help you raise the financial support you need with advice on effective approaches, promotional material, a sponsorship-raising pack, and how Pioneers can manage pledges and donations on your behalf.
  • Logistics Assistance. You can use our annually renewable travel/medical insurance. We work with your Team Leader to obtain your visa. Depending on your location we may be able to help with shipping and relocation insights. We also provide tax and other pre-departure preparation advice.
  • Pre-field orientation. We provide two blocks of pre-field training with topics designed to increase your level of personal, spiritual and cultural awareness.
  • We partner with your church in commissioning you for service. We prepare a memorandum of understanding in consultation with your church that clarifies responsibilities as appropriate to your circumstances.