Short term vision trips

Being in a new country, experiencing a different culture and seeing mission work up close can turn your interest in mission into a heart for mission.  So we encourage people interested in mission to take short-term trips.

We have people in a number of countries committed to hosting people and groups wanting a first-hand experience of mission that we can put you in touch with. In addition, our Australian, USA, Canadian and UK bases arrange short term excursions for groups called “Edge” teams that you could join.
These opportunities are most commonly taken up by groups of younger people and sometimes families. If you are interested please contact us so we can chat over possible options for you.

Often people who experience such trips feel a heart response to God’s call to mission.  Others may have felt a call to mission as a result of some other cross-cultural experience and are actively exploring a path God may have planned for them.  The best type of trip for these people to take will vary from person to person.

If you are at this stage we are keen to meet with you, hear about your journey and find the best place for you so we can customise a short-term experience of mission that matches your preferences with the opportunities on our teams.